Sunday, March 18, 2007

Introducing Kulabay

I have decided to add a feature called Kulabay to the end of each post. Kulabay enables Web 2.0 technology for any digital document. Currect features include comments which closely resembles a forum, file uploads, related links, rating and page views.

Kulabay solves a format problem for me. On the one hand, in order to understand the Sfas Emes, I need to fill in the gaps. On the other hand, I do want to remain true to the intent of the Sfas Emes. This leaves me somewhat restricted. Many times, for example, I'd like to provide practical applications of the Sfas Emes's ideas. The Kulabay feature solves this problem because I can be as free as I want with the understanding that it is me talking, not necessarily the Sfas Emes.

I want this blog to be a tool that can be used to explore applying the teachings of the Sfas Emes (and possibly Chassidus in general) to every day life. Primarily because of the comments/forum feature, Kulabay enables the development of a community.

Needless to say, comments and feedback are welcome.

For more info re: Kulabay see:

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